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Notes on personal projects

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I previously worked on software modular synthesizer designs, which are archived on the Pulsum Quadratum website.


03 Jul 2023 Quick tools.go invocation
20 Mar 2023 Launch OpenBSD vmd Guests on Demand from SSH
09 Mar 2022 Isolating problematic Cgo code
08 Mar 2022 Introducing @KCTV_bot
22 Dec 2019 Speed Up GoMock with Conditional Generation
23 Sep 2018 Deploying Anycast DNS Using OpenBSD and BGP
18 Apr 2018 Rhombic Shift Register 0.6.0 Released
23 Mar 2018 Announcing the Rhombic Shift Register
18 Mar 2018 Lenovo Ideapad 120S
02 Feb 2018 Forcing Clang to statically link against an installed library
22 Jan 2018 RTL SDR FM module for VCVRack
15 Dec 2017 Messing around with VCVRack
29 Nov 2017 Ableton Drum Rack for MFB-522
22 Apr 2016 Two-Factor Authentication for OpenBSD
29 Sep 2014 Block Tweet Sponsors
21 Jun 2013 Accessing macOS Location Services from the command line
20 May 2013 Turn on Transmission Bandwidth Limits When Connecting via Ssh
20 May 2013 Making Sure All Your Test Classes Are Dynamically Loaded by Your Test Suite
19 Sep 2012 MTA Subway Status iCalendar Feed