Announcing the Rhombic Shift Register

23 March 2018
Posted in: software audio modular synthesizers VCVRack music
Jon Williams

I’ve been working on software modular synth design and finally have a fully featured module ready to share with early adopters.

Rhombic Shift Register β 1

The Pulsum Quadratum Rhombic Shift Register (RSR) is a four-voice, demuxing shift register for the VCVRack modular synthesis environment. The RSR consists of four looping “analog” shift registers whose inputs and outputs are switched via control voltage. By skillfully applying modulation, automatic variations upon source patterns may be generated. Using the Rhombic Shift Register with a sequenced melody allows you to design complex arabesque patterns and arpeggiations. On the other hand, you need not need not use a sequencer or keyboard to play the RSR. Good results have been obtained with quantized stepped and random voltages, feedback patches and other unconventional sources.

A time-limited beta version is available at the Pulsum Quadratum website.

NB: This has been superceded by a commercial version.